Whatever your personal driving goals, l can help you to achieve them. 

My knowledge and experience gained from competing and winning in an eclectic range of race cars can be used to help you to become a better driver.
I help total beginners learn the basics, and experienced racers to find the last few tenths. My clients include young and old, aspiring professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Services can include trackside or in-car coaching and well as video and data analysis. This can be for a single day, a programme of events or a full racing season.

Coaching can be provided for individuals, groups or teams. All benefit from my approach that has proven to win races and championships time and again.

Don’t worry about car type either. I have won races and championships in single-seaters, GT cars, touring cars (front or rear wheel drive) and even pick-ups!

Driving Events

If you are looking to create a bespoke driving event, or enhance one, then get in touch.

I have a network including cars, circuits, teams, hospitality, driver coaches and more with which to build the perfect package for you.